(At Last) An Update!

A quick update from me as it probably seems very very quiet of late. Panic not, as I have been very busy of late tinkering around with the site, and adding a new feature or […]

NEW! Analepsis

Just a quick update to prove I am still alive and kicking! Lots and lots of new images are in the pipeline, including a new and very interesting image gallery yet to be finalised. But, […]


“Time is the quality of nature that keeps events from happening all at once. Lately, it doesn’t seem to be working.” – Anonymous. I have a large backlog of work to get through, professionally, within […]

I Love Big Tetons!

Just a quick update before we end year 2013, and whilst I have some patchy internet access on the road. Here’s an image from yesterday of Grand Teton mountain taken north of Jackson, Wyoming (click […]

PdAPhoto Presents: El Diablo

Just a quick update on what is new with PdA Photo! It’s that time of year where other activities and subsequent distractions are winding down and I can concentrate on getting some new work done […]

Dark Rift

This week’s installment of Image of the Week; A Critique, titled Dark Rift, is a particular favourite of mine, that combines two of the greatest inspirations in my photography; weather and the Southwest United States. […]